More Time Playing, less time preparing to play.


Eric D. Sack and Random Encounters

​Random Encounters is an indie RPG and Game Publishing company dedicated to creating fresh, fun and intriguing games.  Founded in 2007 by Eric D. Sack, I have been working hard to bring what I felt was missing in the gaming industry: More playing, less preparing to play; More playing, less looking through books; More playing, less... not playing,

My role playing games are designed to minimize time spent generating characters, purchasing equipment, making sure all the basic "skills" are covered across the player characters, etc... how many new RPG campaigns have you started that began with this general rule from the GM, "OK, make sure you roll up your characters BEFORE we start."

That tells me the game is all about setting up.  Not here.  Not anymore.

I have two role-playing games out now, Of Gods and Relics: Vendai and Deniable Asset.

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